Libby Reed is a Chicago based musician – writer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist – who for the last handful of years has been writing music and performing under the name coat. Using rich vocal harmonies and an eclectic combination of instruments (cello, air organ, keyboards, electric guitar and tenor banjo) to compose music that is as much painterly as musical. While recently Reed has been performing solo, her debut record (Winter in the Bubble Garden – Contraphonic) has contributions from many talented musicians including: Griffin Rodriguez (Icy Demons), Phil Spirito (oRSo) and a remarkable triumvirate of rhythmic genius: Jason Toth (The Zincs, Manishevitz), Joe Adamik (Califone) and Ben Massarella (Califone, Red Red Meat). She has also worked with oRSo and Fruit Bats touring and recording and has lent her vocals to the more recent recordings of Bevel, Sonoi and Jim Elkington (The Zincs).

If you’d like a copy of the Winter in the Bubble Garden record, please reach out to me by using THIS CONTACT FORM.  I’ll make sure you get one.  

These tracks are from Winter in the Bubble Garden (2006)






Dude El

Happy Road was written in 2004 and released in a compilation to fund raise for Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Happy Road

Willowing is an EP written mostly in 2011 at the Ragdale Residency. Find a quiet spot and put those headphones on.

Cello, guitar, banjo, piano, keyboards, accordion, vocals – Libby Reed || Bass – Phil Spirito

keep at least one eye open and your heart wide