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COAT is the musical project of Chicagoan Libby Reed (Fruit Bats, oRSo, Bevel). Using rich vocal harmonies and an eclectic combination of instruments (cello, air organ, keyboards, electric guitar), Reed stitches together the small unnoticeable sentiments of life into one large sonic quilt. The songs are unconventional but easily digested, a mesh of nerves that become more and more cohesive with each spin. These are pop songs at their core, but with pulsing rhythms and layers of vocals that at once reveal her past influences and point towards new compositional styles from all corners of the world. It's a combination that produces new song shapes and sizes that are uniquely Reed's.

Phil Spirito, Jim Elkington, Jason Toth, Joe Adamik and Griffin Rodriguez have all played with COAT at one time or another and the music is better for it.

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